Freedom 2006

6.-31. March 2006
Monday – Friday at 7 p.m.

Director Nina Larissa Bassett
Cast: Ian Burns, Christina Hildebrandt and David Bateson

Played in Krudttønden 2006

Copenhagen Post
A QUESTION OF FREEDOM. ”Freedom 2006” is the second installment in a new series devised by the company to address themes and topics relevant to the current day. The play was written with input from Nørre Gymnasium high school in Copenhagen to give it an authentic touch.
There is a sense of intimacy and improvisation that keeps the audience engaged. Director Nina Larissa Bassett’s decision to stage the play on a minimalistic styled set, forces the audience to stay focused on the characters and provides a sense of realism vital to the core of ”Freedom 2006”.
Already scheduled in for next march, a third installment, ”Heroes”, is set to carry on this new series. As the theatre troupe grows in size and stature, more strong productions are sure to follow.




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