28. september – 20. oktober 2022


by Marie Jones

A joyful and hilarious comedy where greed and conscience battle in the hearts and minds of two underpaid home-care workers.

Loretta and Francis are presented with a small way of getting ahead financially for the first time in their lives, but small lapses in honesty spiral into a nightmarish sequence of events beyond their control.

This stellar comedy is written by Marie Jones whose works have consistently been produced on Broadway, New York, London’s West End and all over the world for the past three decades.

That Theatre Company began its journey 25 years ago with “A Night in November” by Marie Jones, so doing another one of her plays has a lovely full circle feel to it. This will be our 51st production.


CAST Dawn Wall, Alexandra Jespersen

Plays at Krudttønden
Serridslevvej 2, 2100 Kbh Ø

28 september – 20 oktober 2022
Mon – Fri 7.30 pm
Sat. 5 pm

Tickets: Teaterbilletter.dk / 7020 2096

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25. januar – 25. februar 2023


by Fergal O’Byrne

A fast-paced and humorous look at the future.

The year is 2251. Humans have successfully colonised Mars. However, an unknown microbe is playing havoc with peoples’ teeth causing them to decay dramatically. Is it something to do with the addictive drug Omnigrin that Earth supplies freely to subdue the Martian colonists?

Can the fake dentist Sørensen unearth the Underground movement? This Martian Dental surgery becomes a cauldron of tension and intrigue trickery. Can humans learn to trust other humans when they do not share the same history, identity or heritage?

An emotional, funny, touching, quirky, robotic, thirsty, thought-provoking, dusty comedy.


CAST Dawn Wall, Luiz Karlsen, Katrin Weisser, Peter Vinding

Plays at Krudttønden
Serridslevvej 2, 2100 Kbh Ø

25. januar – 25 februar 2023
Mon – Fri 7.30 pm
Sat. 5 pm

TicketsTeaterbilletter.dk / 7020 2096

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