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That Theatre Company has been providing excellent English language theatre in Copenhagen since 1997 – with energy, passion, skill and no small amount of love.

We help to meet the demand for a truly professional international theatre here in the Øresund region that each year attracts large numbers of residents and tourists in North Zealand and beyond.

We present at least 2 productions a year and work with other resident British and Scandinavian actors, directors and technicians. Occasionally we are able to bring artists from the U.S. and Great Britain to Copenhagen.

That Theatre is fortunate to have some hard-working people behind the scenes too, without whom productions would be impossible. Notably: Mark Jones as our Company Manager. Christian Dahlberg, Christiane Bjørg Nielsen and Mikkel Sönnichsen compose original music. In the lighting field we have Julian Simpson and Katja Andreassen. Søren B. Petersen keeps our website up to date and designs our sound effects. Birgitte Holm-Halkjær from Birkerød Gymnasium writes educational Material as does Professor Marlene Edelstein. Special thanks to Hanne Mørup for helping each production to look good with her keen eye for detail with the costumes.

The ensemble has enjoyed success with both thought-provoking drama and entertainment of a lighter nature. Since the beginning, That Theatre Company has attempted to appeal to all age groups, to Danes, resident English-speakers and tourists. The legend that is Charles Marowitz thought we were a breath of fresh air.

Our main aim is to establish a highly professional and entertaining international theatre that appeals to minds and hearts.

Good theatre provides a platform where almost anything can happen, where the actors are free to play out our hopes and fears. The most precious gift an actor possesses is his/her ability to communicate. It’s this connection between the actor and the audience, between imagination and reality and between cultures that we want to encourage through our productions.

“The audience, the crowd is what gives theatre its impact. Its temporal reality relies entirely on us deciding to believe in it together. In the silent deal we make sat together in the dark as strangers. Isn’t that amazing? That fragile contract.”

For the playwright Polly Stenham, the theatre has always provided a laboratory in which to examine and hopefully understand the human condition. We couldn’t agree more.




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